Pet Loss and Pet Wellness Support Tools
Pet Loss and Pet Wellness Support Tools

The Preshand System™

These practical components are designed for professionals to transport and present an infant loss with discretion and respect. The Preshand Handling Carrier™ allows professionals to transport an infant from the hospital or a home to the funeral home with discretion. The Preshand Insert™ is constructed with earth-friendly materials in five sizes, and is suitable for cremation.  The Preshand Presentation Basket™ provides a soft setting for families to have an open or closed viewing. 

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The Keepsake Impressions Kit

The Keepsake Impressions Kits offer families the opportunity to have a lasting and tactile connection of their Loved One in a complete presentation kit.  The hand or foot impression is taken and finished in minutes with an air-dry molding material that does not require any mixing or baking. It air dries lightweight and will not break if it falls. Offered in assorted styles of Hand-crafted Paper in three impression area sizes and designes appropriate for infants and adults.  Small (infant), Medium (toddler), and Large (adult/all ages).                                    Please contact us for styles and item numbers


Peaceful Return™ 

Earth-friendly Hand-crafted Paper urns carefully crafted to facilitate the storing or spreading of cremated remains. The multi-use design serves as a natural alternative to a traditional urn. Heart and Oval shapes of Peaceful Return are offered infour sizes of Natural Hand-crafted Paper and limited sizes in Dark Green Hand-crafted Paper (extra-small keepsake to adult sizes). During a time when it may be difficult for families to make decisions, Peaceful Return provides a dignified, affordable and flexible option for honoring the departed.

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The Peaceful Memories Trio™ 

Three practical bereavement support items selected to help support or enhance a cremation package.  This Peaceful Memories Trio includes The Memento Box™, a MemoryCard© package of 18 Cards, and a Large Oval Peaceful Return in Natural Hand-crafted Paper.  During a memorial service or celebration, family and friends can write their favorite memories on a MemoryCard that can eithier be read aloud  in a group setting, or placed inside the Memento Box for the family to read at a later time.

Item #PM 1070E-N (English) or Item #PM 1070S-N (Spanish)


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