Peaceful Memories for Pets
Peaceful Memories for Pets

The Pet Oval Keepsake Impressions Kit

No Mix, No Bake, Easy-to-Use AIR DRY Archive-Quality Material. 

Take the impression again if not satisfied the first try. The molding material is not heavy like clay, won't break if it's dropped, and will not crumble over time. The Tan Hand-crafted Paper Oval Kits include a support stand with name label, paper lid, a packet of AIR DRY molding material, and step-by-step instructions. Perfect for small or medium-sized pets, Kits can be decorated with stamps or paints and made into a hanging ornament. Welcome a new pet or create a lasting memory when a pet dies.  

Available as a 12-Pack (Item #PM2350-FX) or 24-Pack (Item #2300-FX)


The Large Pet Keepsake Impressions Kit

No-Mix, No-Bake, Archive Quality Molding Material AIR DRIES

lightweight, is easy-to-use and the impression can be tried again if not satisfied the first time. Made of Tan Hand-crafted Paper, The Large Pet Keepsake Impressions Kit features a support stand with pet name label, finish frame overlay, and a large packet of AIR DRY Molding Material with step-by-step photo instructions. Take larger prints in portriat or landscape style, and decorate the Kit with stamps or craft paints. Use this Kit to create new memories and welcome a pet, or use it as a support tool to offer clients a tactile memory when a pet dies.                                                         

Available as a 6-Pack (Item #PM2500-F)

Peaceful Memories Pet Memory Box

Pet owners can start collecting memories at any stage in their pet's life; The PM Pet Memory Box is for pet wellness and pet loss. The Tan Hand-crafted Paper Pet Memory Box with rope tie is padded and huggable with two interior frames and offers room for a Pet KIK Oval and a Large Pet KIK. Including other items such as photos, cards, and certificates make it a supportive and treasured keepsake that honors a pet's life. The PM Pet Memory Box is also a thoughtful way for veterinary clinics and pet care professionals to return any personal items such as a collar or leash that a valued client may have left behind.

Available as an individual item (Item #PM5070X-F)

Pet Peaceful Return™ 

An earth-friendly and non-traditional urn, Peaceful Return can be used in three useful and dignified ways for pet owners who may be unsure how they want to honor the memory of their pet. Display,bury or spread a pet's cremated remains. Each Natural Hand-crafted Paper Heart or Oval shaped Peaceful Return includes a biodegradable bag with hemp tie, a place to write the pet's name at the base of the urn, and your choice of a plantable seeded heart ornament or seeded leaf ornament with simple growing instructions. Available in three sizes to accommodate the cremains of nearly any size pet.

Available as an individual item in two shapes and three sizes 

EXTRA SMALL For pets under 20 lbs. -  Extra Small Natural Heart Urn (Item #PM1010-HN), Extra Small Natural Oval Urn (Item #PM1010-ON)

SMALL for pets under 35 lbs. - Small Natural Heart Urn (Item #PM1020-HN), Oval Urn (Item #PM1020-ON)

MEDIUM for pets up to 135 lbs. - Medium Heart Urn (Item #PM1040-HN), Oval Urn (Item #PM1040-ON)

When ordering, please indicate if you prefer a Seeded Heart or a Leaf ornament. The Dark Green Peaceful Return is available in limited sizes while supplies last.


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